Как выжить за византию в европа 4

как выжить за византию в европа 4
Как только прошло цикла осады, ИИ уже НЕ хочет снимать осаду, даже если видит вражеский отряд, даже если вражеский отряд проходит по соседней провинции, или осаждает соседнюю дружескую провинцию. По существу, это могло стать началом первой главы, не будь я таким ленивым. Анонс DLC Synthetic Dawn к Stellaris Стелларис.

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как выжить за византию в европа 4

Allying it can cause you, Hungary, Albania and Ragusa to be attacked by the Ottomans, though this is risky as Albania may not give you land.

The player may conquer the Italian region for their rich provinces. This can be achieved by breaking their alliances, dragging the war on until the war exhaustion is so high that separatist rebels start to appear, other enemies attack them, and splitting their territory further by taking the right provinces. Venice and Genoa can be fabricated upon for their Greek islands.

Эта страница может содержать устаревшую информацию из игры, так как она актуальна для версии 1. Taking it will increase warscore, and create a safe bubble in the Balkans to stackwipe Ottoman armies.

Описание Europa Universalis 4 Wiki Мобильная версия. На бошняков и сербов за это время уже должны быть клаймы. Byzantium does not have much income or force limit in the beginning, but building the army up to the force limit may provide a little edge in the inevitable war.

For this, it may be best to conquer either Maghreb or Iberian territory early. Пространства имён Статья Обсуждение. In case the Purple Phoenix DLC is enabled, expect gain a couple extra monarch points along this period; use them to get a good general. On the other hand, with the Ottomans broken, Byzantium can now truly restore the Roman Empire by conquering the remainder of Anatolia and the Middle East, and even the Maghreb.

If such an advisor is not available, the player can either fire existing advisors until one appears possibly taking loans in the processor restart the game until the stars align. It is advisable at this point to expand into the Balkans as quickly as possible without triggering a coalition, while waiting for the truce with the Ottomans to end. The player may also consider expanding in to the Black Sea - notably TheodoroGeorgiaCircassia and possibly Crimea - if alliances and navy strengths allow, and if claims or trade conflicts can be fabricated.

The second and third Idea groups the player chooses will largely depend on play style and luck. Defending Edirne and Constantinople is also easy due to the large strait crossing penalty. Последняя версия, для которой эта информация была актуальной, является 1. It is worthwhile watching the situation of the Ottomans while waiting for the truce to end, while fabricating as many claims as possible - after their initial defeat, they may be attacked by other powers in the region, and potentially even broken.

Venice will likely turn hostile at some point, so it is best to conquer their provinces early. Byzantium has many cores in mainland Greece, particularly Edirne, Kastoria, Selanik, Thessaly, Yanya. Afterwards, BosniaHungary and even Venice may be valid expansion targets, depending on how the political situation in the area evolves. The following decisions are part of the Purple Phoenix DLC. Последнее изменение этой страницы: Содержимое доступно по лицензии Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike если не указано иное.

Навигация Заглавная страница Свежие правки Случайная статья Справка. However, it will be hard to cross the strait without a massive navy of galleys.

Europa Universalis 4 - Тактика за Византию(1.12)

All these wars are best fought without Poland -Lithuania or Austriaas this ally will most likely be needed for the second war against the Ottomans.

В начале у Византии всего три провинции в южной Греции и Афины в роле вассала, ну и на десерт, "как выжить за византию в европа 4", боязнь выжить захваченной Османской Империей. Other minors around the player, such as WallachiaSerbiaBosniaTrebizondTheodoro and the Turkish minors in Anatolia are good cannon fodder - the extra few thousand armies can change the battle.

It is also important to pay attention to the decisions and missions. In some cases, Venice will take Albania which can be taken with support of Hungary, and provide a bridge to Serbia.

Luckily it starts with the fabled city of Constantinople, one of the largest and richest in the known world.

как выжить за византию в европа 4

Этот раздел может содержать устаревшую информацию об игре. This is especially tricky if Hungary allied the Teutonic Order and decided to defend them, causing allies to exhaust themselves. Poland offers more armies than Hungary, and if they take the Personal Union option with Lithuaniatogether with the vassal-swarm Mazovia and Moldavia generate. Getting attacked by the Turks is not hard - send them an insult and claim their land through the diplomatic feedback.

Northern Italy leaving the Holy Roman Empire will likely make such conquest much easier. If the Ottomans declare war before the player has secured an alliance, their ally is too weak due to being in another war, their ally peaces out too early, or the Ottomans end up winning the war, it is best to restart the game.

как выжить за византию в европа 4

Keeping army maintenance low can help the economy thrive, but if the Turkish armies are visible in the border, raise it back. Oftentimes the Mamluks lay a claim on ottoman border and coastal territories, or Karaman and Candar set out on a reconquest against the now-weakened Turks by the war.

Этот инфобокс может выжить устаревшую информацию об игре. Early expansion outside of the Ottomans is also very difficult as the Ottomans often warn Byzantium.

как выжить за византию в европа 4

There are also some events about the influence that the court had over the emperor. Conquering Rome is also one of the requirements for restoring the Pentarchy - and as long as the player stays Orthodox, they will not incur a relationship penalty for owning it.

Летом года Османская столица пала. Should the war be a success, Edirne is the priority - then, after it, the core Greek provinces splitting Constantinople from Morea, based on development. In short, Hungary is low risk, low reward; Poland is high risk, high reward.

It may be difficult to find allies among the Sunni nations, but Muscovy may make a useful ally for expanding North East, as long as they do not rival the player, and as long as the player is able to ally them which may be difficult if they rival Poland.

The common choices for allies for Byzantium are Poland and Hungary.

Сообщество Империал: Europa Universalis IV: Стратегия за Византию - Europa Universalis IV (Европа IV) - Paradox Interactive - Библиотека - Сообщество Империал

Some of these are also good options for vassalization later due to same religion. The goal of the second war should be to break the Ottomans completely if that was not achieved during or after the first war. As Byzantium, restore the Roman Empire. They are also not going to get involved with any major early wars due to being in an Interregnum and soon a Regency unless, of course, they decide to save the Teutonic Order from Poland.

Assuming the player won the first war and gained a good amount of territory, they should be able to fabricate claims on AlbaniaSerbia and possibly Ragusa.

как выжить за византию в европа 4

If they have the military points to spare, a military idea group Quantity, Offensive, Quality or Defensive is advisable. Influence ideas for quicker vassal annexation and reduced AE or Diplomatic Ideas for extra diplomat and improved relations as well as Exploration ideas are certainly possible.


Byzantium on its own is no match for the Ottoman army. Византия начинает в сложной ситуации: As Byzantium is hopelessly outmatched by the Ottomans in the beginning, their only hope for survival is finding a strong ally in time before the Ottomans strike.

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как выжить за византию в европа 4

The time before the war can also be used to fabricate claims on the Ottomans or improving relations with Athens to speed up the integration process later on. Византийские события крутятся вокруг ключевых городов таких как Никомедия и Антиохия.

как выжить за византию в европа 4

Просмотры Читать Править История. Hungaryon the other hand, has less armies than Poland, but are closer and more often threatened by the Turks, making them normally an easier ally. After securing both the Balkans and Anatolia, the player has a variety of expansion opportunities. This will also allow the player to control the Venice trade end node. Europa Universalis 4 - Византия это нагиб 2 () Europa Universalis 4 - Бхарат это нагиб 4 (Индостан) [Спецвыпуск] Как поиграть за Византию без лишних напрягов (EU 4) НОВЫЙ СТАРТ!- Europa Universalis 4 (Византия)#1 Базилевс - Europa.

Потенциально устаревшие статьи 1. Sometimes, even Qara Qoyunlu might jump in for the free land. Finally, the player may convert to catholic see Rebel conversion and become Holy Roman Emperor, or wait until religious peace and become an Orthodox emperor.

The player may also choose Humanist if they have not chosen Religious. Then constantly harass them by embargoes and fabricating on Asia Minor and Bulgaria.

Византия может быть возрождена православными странами с Греческой или Понтийской основной культурой. Any player daring enough to try this doomed nation must act quickly to secure alliances before the ever-expanding Turks turn towards it. The Black Sea is also rife with expansion opportunities, and CrimeaGeorgia and Circassia should pose little challenge militarily.

Naplesif they become independent, have a relatively weak dynasty, and the player may be able to form a Personal union with them. A colonial play is also possible, once the Italian region is secured and the right ideas are unlocked. Византия Вместе с Западной Римской Империей один из наследников Римской Империи.

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